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Why is Free Speech so important?

While exploring other news, I came across this article about the experiences of an observer at the pro-rally of one of the presidential candidates this coming election.

The organizers said that they love the country and respect the 1st amendment. It’s the anti who want to destroy the foundations of the country in order to suppress the rule of law.
— Moderator

Just because someone disagrees with your action, you will just say that people are out there to destroy the country. Can’t we just have a good moment where people come together rather than pointing at other people. This doesn’t make them evil in the first place.

@renee, I agree with you. Disagreement doesn’t mean someone is evil but these rival party and anti enablers are certainly evil. These individuals believe that the other party and individuals are just as hateful and bigoted as themselves. So they went in that rally with their expectation and hope that they would be violently assaulted but they weren’t.

I hope this makes such a valuable teaching moment for everyone in the country. A simple gesture of respect was able to lead the 2 political parties to look past their contradiction and share at least a moment of civility that has become much too rare here in this country.