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Welcome to McAfee 16. A perfect site for all of you interested in politics and a fount of knowledge for political understanding. This site is designed to feature unbiased news, and critical analyses and opinions on the political happenings of the day.

In these times of political uncertainty, it is important for people on all sides of the fence to find a fair and unbiased source of information about politicians and the things that happen in the world of politics.

As concerned citizens with the goal of making the world better than before, we will not just sit on the chair inside our garage doors in Wichita and watch people vote the wrong person in office. We McAfee 16 want to give you advice before casting your vote this coming election. You must educate yourself about the candidate who you want to vote. You can do this by searching this website that offer analyses on political candidates, updates on politics, political polls, speeches, and more. Everything that you want to know about politics is here.  We also used our last rebate on our garage door, repair services in Wichita.

We are a group of friends who previously worked in a digital political campaign. We know that it is hard and stressful. What’s worst is that it is often demoralizing. The long hours of work rewarded us with below market pay. But it was fine, knowing that your politician is worth fighting for despite mudslinging and negative news coming from rival political parties who want to take your candidate down. When you are working on a political campaign, it seems that your whole life is connected to it for a time. The small victories you achieve like watching the money come in after sending a good fundraising email, are often nearly as sweet as winning the election. You can say that can be completely awful and yet, exhilarating at the same time.

Now we’ve decided to make our website as a source of political news. Unbiased, and honest feature news, opinions and more are provided here for you to understand clearly what’s happening in politics. We want to educate you on what’s happening and empower you to make the right choices as citizens of this country.

When you are not busy perusing your business, office work or other daily activities, please click on the McAfee 16 website for news and opinion regarding presidential candidates and the elections. If you don’t have time to read an entire post on a subject, just click the Quick Read tab to view a snippet or summary of that post. McAfee 16 site also features commentaries and opinions from influencers and analysts.

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